Our Fees

With the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer top-quality foot treatments keeping our charges and fees fair and trasparent.

 Treatment Fees 2022-2023

(may alter due to actual treatment undertaken)

Services Fees
General Consultation Fee £15.00
New Patient 1st Treatment Fee
(Consultation & Treatment with Clinical Podiatrist)
Routine Footcare (Pensioner) £30.00
Routine Footcare (Non-Pensioner) £38.00
Ingrowing Toenail (Non-Surgical) £60.00
Dressing – Wound care £25.00
Local Anaesthesia Injection £35.00
Verruca Treatment & Consultation £39.00
Verruca Follow-up £35.00
Verruca Needling £135.00
Nail surgery with Clinical Podiatrist From £265.00
Lacuna Method (Fungal Nails)
A method for treating fungal nail infections. It involves the painless drilling of micro holes into the nail plate (fenestration), so that anti-fungal preparations applied can penetrate the nail bed.

One Nail £100
Two Nails £150 (same foot)
Two Nails £200 (both feet)
One Foot £250
Both Feet £330

Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen) £25.00
Biomechanical Assessment £55.00
Biomechanical Review £25.00
Simple insoles  From £25.00/pair
Orthoses £65-£250
(Depending upon type)
DB Wider Fit Shoes Price after Consultaion


Terms of Booking

(prices as of April 2022)

  • All payments are due at the time of treatment unless otherwise arranged. Please pay by card were possible, house calls excluded. A £10 Deposit will be taken for all new patient appointments.
  • ​If you fail to attend your appointment without 48 hours’ prior notice, payment will be required in full. We of course understand that extenuating circumstances may arise, and will take this into consideration.
  • ​Invoices can be paid by over phone or by BACs – please use the information and links on your invoice/email. Please contact us if you would like our bank details for BACs payment.

Please feel free to ask us any question, you may have about our fees and facilities.